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Vedanta College, is run under the aegis of Vedanta Foundation, which is a philanthropic initiative of Vedanta Resources Ltd. The colleges were established to support the ambitions of the students from less privileged communities or students with weak financial conditions.The colleges are practicing their intent by removing the monetary barriers for these students.

Vedanta College, Kolkata established in the year 2019 is motivated to invigorate the passion of as many students it can reach out to. After the successful 24 years of empowering the students in Rajasthan and Maharashtra, Vedanta College is enthralled to enthuse it's motives in Kolkata. Vedanta College provides quality academic programs, comprehensive support services, financial aid, academic advice, placements, a marvellous infrastructure, all the modern amenities and a conducive environment; all which is required by a student to grow and thrive.

Quality Education is a priority too! Student’s faculty are well qualified in their respective fields and take pride in being a part with the student’s achievements.While they make fine educators on their own merits, they are helpful enough to ensure that the students benefit from their inputs. Apart from the faculty body, the college intends to invite guest lecturers, who happen to be eminent and successful professionals and deliver through their rich industrial experiences.


Vision & Mission

We envision to be an epitome of educational institute, which delivers highest quality of education, guided by the principles of innovation and integrity. Removing the financial constraint, we want to make education accessible to all and for all.

Our mission is to focus on the holistic development of the individual, to inculcate leadership qualities, to foster entrepreneurship programs that promote self-employment and to infuse a sense of discipline for becoming a responsible citizen with highest calibre in every walk of life.
Vedanta Foundation is on a journey to reach as many students possible and empower their calibre. All by removing financial barriers and making quality education, modern amenities, grand infrastructure and a conducive environment accessible to the students. It motivates us to assist students for they can grow, thrive and excel.


Principal's message

Principal's Message
At Vedanta College, Kolkata (VCK) we focus on value based education. It focuses on information sharing, knowledge and wisdom which has two dimensions teaching and learning. While teaching is faculty centric, learning is student centric. Teaching is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledgeskillsvaluesbeliefs, habits and attitude. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin and both must co-exist in harmony to ensure that the desired goals are achieved. Formal education is commonly divided formally into such stages as pre-school or kindergarten, and secondary school and then collegeuniversity, or apprenticeship. In India, school education has made formidable progress through academic reforms in various forms, including pedagogy, infrastructure and capacity. At the college level, while technical education (namely, Engineering)  has made substantial headway, at least in terms of sheer size; non-technical education (namely, B.A., B.Com and B.Sc) remains archaic. Cost in many cases is also a prohibitive factor. Barring a few elite institutions across the country which caters to the top intellectual minds, in most cases progress has been limited. As a result, the vast youth population at the bottom-of-pyramid has been largely been deprived of quality college education. College education forms the building backbone of the youth, that not only shapes the economy, but society at large. At VCK we aspire to holistically groom the students by combining modern infrastructure, progressive and  disciplined learning environment and promoting a vibrant students culture at an affordable fees structure. The modern youth are going to be the brand ambassadors of 21st century India. Together we make it a reality.
Dr. Subir Sen
Vedanta College, Kolkata